I'll admit, I came into this post skeptical. But this was compellingly argued. I'm onboard.

Also, reading between the lines a bit here, but it feels pretty clear that one advantage of focusing the filibuster fight around gun-safety leg is it'll activate exactly the voters who Sinema knows she'll need next time. She may be super-squishy on labor rights, but I don't see her turning tail on this issue if it puts her opposite Mark Kelly & Gabby Giffords.

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I love this piece, and the thinking behind it.

Am I too optimistic (read: 4-D chess-assuming) to think there's some wisdom in using gun reform and the PRO Act to force some filibuster hands? Manchin not only supports some version of gun safety reform (as you point out), but also would benefit politically from the passage of a pro-labor bill.

If (When) Manchin (or anyone) cannot get 10 GOP Senators to come along for improving gun safety and *also* improving conditions for workers, Manchin will be left in a spot defending a procedural too that now officially hurts his agenda and his constituents; it won't be in the abstract anymore.

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Good stuff here.

To your point about the average voter not knowing/caring about Senate rules. True, so don't lead with that message. Focus on common sense changes to fight gun violence. Show those poll support #s. Let the Republicans, for once, get mired in talk about parliamentary wonkery while Dems focus on the message.

There is a devastating story here to lay at the feet of Republicans around money and the NRA. I imagine a video that starts some old footage of the NRA supporting gun safety (yes, they did), and a voice over asking "what changed?" accompanied by two rising line graphs: one, NRA $ campaign contributions to Republicans; two, # annual gun deaths.

Keep hammering. How about amplifying the current story from the NRA bankruptcy litigation on their financial fraud. Trading gun deaths to support their lavish lifestyle. And has anyone read yesterday's NYT incredible reporting about how Republicans (at the behest of the NRA) have made it impossible for the AFT to enforce current gun safety laws? Holy moly, even I was shocked. Fixing this should be part of any new legislation.

Make Republicans own this. Make their insistence on maintaining the filibuster a proxy for their opposition to gun control legislation.

How the A.T.F., Key to Biden’s Gun Plan, Became an N.R.A. ‘Whipping Boy’


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There are so many issues to be offended by, it's hard to choose what to focus on. Voting rights , gun safety, racial injustice, inhumane migration policies , political corruption all concern me. Thank you for choosing one you think may finally break through this stalemate on filibuster.

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You know Manchin and Sinema are going to get in the way of this, right? I am totally demoralized at this point in time. Then I read Nate Cohn this morning and my heart is just sinking.

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