No Labels scares the shit out of me - but I'm glad people are reporting on them - so the information is out there this early... never a moment to rest!

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It seems like there is some threat looming over the horizon that makes things “hard mode“for Democrats.

1.) Campaigning responsibly during the pandemic.

2.) Ending the pandemic (ongoing).

3.) Inflation

4.) Ukraine

5.) Random shit (formula shortage, railroad strike)

It’s always something. Biden has done a masterful job managing all of this, and history will look favorably on him. I am only 37 years old, has it always been this bad? I remember 2008, but damn.

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Pithy selection, Dan! Maybe the most ironic of all you shared is that AI might force us to return to IRL political campaigning and activism, relying less on the Internet.

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Dan how concerned should we be about No Labels? As someone who would love our country to adopt a multiparty system like a parliament perhaps, and an advocate for Working Families Party (which is significant in NY state where I live) I’m terrified by this, and third party spoilers in general... especially since we have the idiot duo who’s names I hesitate to mention for fear of invoking their presence like Beetlejuice, ManchSynema team is just stupid enough to give this a go.

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