Not sure what we can do about Musk or twitter (except watch it go bankrupt, which I think is 3 to 6 months away unless he hires a competent CEO). What we can do is work on our messaging.

Did anyone see Sen Alex Padilla on Meet the Press? He was on knowing the topic was the end of Title 42, which the GOP is whipping into “open borders”. So a great time to present a coherent plan for more border personnel, more administrative support for hearings, more efforts to disperse those who are awaiting hearings, and to demonstrate that the Administration will differentiate between legitimate asylum seekers and those who enter illegally, and will thus differentiate their treatment.

No. He blathered. And since he was the Dem on the program, he made Dems look like he looked. He sorta disagreed with the Governor Newsom.

If we can’t do better than this, let’s give up now. Geeze, right after an election and we can’t do better than this? Senators are each independent contractors of a sort, so he doesn’t have a boss who can have a moment with him. And Biden isn’t the LBJ sort to do it either. That’s why we need a strong, ultra-savvy Chair of the DNC to take it upon herself to fill that role.

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I read an interesting analysis of the midterms by Mike Podhorzer, the political director of the AFL-CIO, entitled "Red Wave, Blue Undertow." He points out that the Red Wave did hit the ground in the 35 states that didn't have a top-of-the-ticket MAGA candidate and "washed away Democratic majorities." Turnout in those states dropped 5 points from 2018. In the other 15 states, there was what he call a "Blue Undertow." In those states the Democrats performed better than they had in 2018. I haven't found a link to his piece, but readers can see some of his thoughts here - https://isps.yale.edu/news/blog/2022/12/what-happened-isps-dissects-the-2022-midterm-election-results

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