Dan, am I wrong in assuming that the chief wedge splitting the party and white working class voters apart has been immigration? I think back to CA Gov. Pete Wilson and prop 187. Ironically Wilson poisoned the GOP in CA, but our party then took up the immigrant cause, and did some our more lefty positions then turn off the white working class voters that Wilson was responding to?

We seem to have a hard time finding a solution to immigration that doesn’t lend itself to Fox News characterizing it as a liberal surrender to immigrants. (Think Julian Castro and his blustery vow to de-criminalize illegal border crossings in the 2020 Pres. primary. Stupidly piecemeal, and sounded to most people like a giveaway to immigrants, whether or not it was. And it seemed to be his biggest issue, couldn’t be better designed to piss off w. w. voters).

I think about Clinton and welfare reform. Decried as cruel at the time. But I ran a large branch bank in downtown Atlanta with three post-war “projects” nearby, and remember seeing many three-generation welfare families in the bank on the day various checks came in the mail. Some very nice people, but I remember being distressed at the trap they were in and thinking the government needs to help every family plan to find a way for the young and middle-aged to gain independence. Welfare Reform did that — too abruptly and uncaringly, but it did it.

We need a moderate bill on comprehensive welfare reform. One that is carefully word-smithed to also sound moderate in its entirety. Put it out there and either force the Republican House to pass it, or we use it as a stick to beat them with in 2024.

Great issue to run on in places like Ohio and Kansas. Get the furthest left of the party to criticize it.

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Thank you!

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