The Vox article is particularly troubling. The mis- and dis-information in political ads in English are bad enough - a Friends of Christine Drazen ad in Oregon is an outright misrepresentation of a sexual harassment issue that puts the blame squarely on Tina Kotek, but this has been fact-checked by local media. Drazen only does appearances on Fox, so there is no real accountability. I don't see Spanish-language ads on the local channels, so I have no idea what is going on there, but I worry. The race here is frightening. Drazen is ahead in recent polls. I really hope all those registered independents are turned off by her.

Can't wait to listen to "Grace" - it's on deck.

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The Oz story poses a dilemma. On the one hand a story that hurts Oz’s chances is a good thing. On the other hand, one of my friends went to school in Colorado (won’t say which school) in the vet school. This was 40 years ago. He worked there also. His job was putting year-old Beagles to sleep after vaccine experiments. It still bothers him. (Beagles are used a lot. They are placid, easy to handle, few breed defects, and mid-size). Beagles are sweet dogs but have a skull-piercing bark.

On the one hand he hated harming dogs, intentionally infecting them with distemper and other diseases then testing the vaccines’ efficacy; on the other hand this is why Fluffy and Mitzi can go get a reliable vaccine at the Vet’s.

It’s like DeSantis and the white Crabber boots. Crabber boots are plentiful and ubiquitous in FL and cheap (they are white because rubber is naturally white and they avoid the expense of dyeing it).

On the other hand, I love the jokes and Photoshops this soulless blowhard is enduring.

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