A bit of comfort will come with the dissent, and I hope it includes an unequalled devastating critique of the shallowness and politics affecting the Court, which likes to think of itself as above the fray, even though Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch benefitted from Koch Bros. millions to promote their candidacies, as was discussed in today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the need for accountability, ethics reform and transparency.

This opinion will leave a long-standing blemish on the USSC's reputation, shame worse than Dred Scott and maybe even worse than Citizens United. They deserved the leak. Thanks goes to the Deep Throat we may never know.

It hurts deeply, with a ripple effect way beyond the suffering it will cause.

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And we know they will not stop here. The Republican trajectory only points in one direction.

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Just sickening. And Republicans will just double down. They don't even sanction Qanon members and white supremacists.

And they will blame the Dems for the leak no matter what the facts might be.

And just to be real... the Dems had no good side to leaking this at this moment. The only real reason to leak it is to formalize Rep. opinions before the actual ruling comes out.

I have to ask... this is just abysmal as a campaign issue...Because it stirs the crazies on the Rep. side?

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Every Republican needs to be asked about this today, as well as Manchinema.

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