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Thoughts on Selling the Biden Economy

Tuesday Q&A Thread

Why Chris Christie Should Drop Out ASAP

Come Ride the Pollercoaster with Me

Why Dems Should Embrace Trump as the Frontrunner

Why Nikki Haley Won’t Win the GOP Nomination

How to talk about Trump's Dictator Remark

Tonight's Debate isn't about '24; it's about '28

Is TikTok Making Americans Hate the Economy?

A Second Trump Term Would Be Very Bad!

Tuesday Q&A Thread

Why Trump is an Incredibly Weak Candidate

Why You Can Ignore Your MAGA Uncle at Thanksgiving.

Will Abortion Defeat Donald Trump in 2024?

Monday Q&A Thread

Make Trump's Mental Acuity a Campaign Issue

What the 2023 Elections Tell Us About 2024

Election Day: Will Dems Defy Political Gravity Again?

How to Respond to the Very Bad NYT Poll

"MAGA Mike" Fails His First Test as Speaker

Halloween Q&A Thread

Will Dean Phillips Help Elect Trump?

The New Speaker is Everything Voters Hate about the GOP

Why Biden's Early Ad Strategy Makes Sense

The Terrible Political Takes on Biden's Approach to the Middle East

Why House Republicans Can't Pick a Speaker

The Poll that May Explain our Insane Politics

Monday Q&A Thread

The GOP: An Unserious Party in a Deadly Serious Time

Why the Press Downplays Trump's Violent Rhetoric

Israel Attacked: Pushing Back on Right Wing Disinfo

Does RFK Jr.'s Independent Run Hurt Trump?

Why Dems Shouldn't Save McCarthy

GOP Debate: None of these Losers Want to Win

The Smart Politics Behind Biden's UAW Visit

No, Trump isn't Really Winning by 10 Points

Democrats Must Call on Menendez to Resign

Friday Q&A Thread

Trump's Campaign Against Biden is Starting Now

The Real Reason No Dem is Challenging Biden

Biden's Age, Trump Crimes and the Media's False Equivalence

Impeachment Scam: What You Need to Know

Trump's Dominance of the GOP Explained.

What the New Polls Really Tell Us about 2024

Friday Q&A Thread

Why Biden isn't Talking about Trump (Yet)

Why Impeaching Biden is a Political Disaster for the GOP

Message Box Turns 3: Here's What Comes Next

Why the 2024 Race is Neck and Neck Right Now

Why Vivek Ramaswamy is the Future of the GOP

How Joe Biden Won Last Night's Debate

GOP Debate: Do Any of These Yahoos Have What it Takes?

Tuesday Q&A Thread

Should Dems Talk More about the Trump Indictments?

DeSantis's Plan to lose the Debate (and Campaign)

Trump Indictment: 3 Key Political Takeaways

Monday Q&A Thread

How Trump Could Lose the Nomination

A Huge Win in Ohio Offers a Blueprint for 2024

The Real Reasons the Indictments Haven't Hurt Trump

How to Debunk Trump's Indictment Defenses

Why Trump's Indictment is Very Bad News for the GOP

What the Polls Say About the State of the GOP Primary

Why Biden's MTG Ad is So Damn Effective

Is Ron DeSantis's Campaign Already Over?

The Corrupt Folly of No Labels' 2024 Ticket

Monday Q&A Thread

Tommy Tuberville's Epic Political Fumble

The Smart Strategy Behind "Bidenomics"

Why Threads Won't Solve the News Crisis

How DeSantis is Making Trump Look More Electable

Let's Make Supreme Court Corruption a Campaign Issue

The Biden Economy: What You Need to Know

Monday Q&A Thread

How Abortion will Define the '24 Campaign

The Growing Threat from No Labels (and Others)

Why Ron DeSantis Keeps Losing to Trump

Trump Indictment: The Message Wars

Battling the Big Lie Out in Paperback Now!

Trump Indictment: What You Need to Read/Know

Don't Assume this Indictment Won't Hurt Trump

Chris Licht, CNN and the Failed Model of Centrist Media

Why the MAGA Right Loves RFK Jr.

Hey Media: Stop Grading Republicans on a Curve

How to Avoid Another Debt Limit Debacle

Stuff You Should Consume - May 30, 2023

Debt Limit Update: Biden Outplays GOP on Final Deal

Debt Limit Update: The GOP Admits to Extortion

Debt Limit Update: McCarthy's Very Weak Hand

Friday Q&A Thread

Stuff You Should Consume - May 18, 2022

The Fatal Flaw in DeSantis's Anti-Trump Message

Is Joe Manchin Trump's Secret Weapon?

Why We are Closer to Default Than You Think

Stuff You Should Consume - May 8, 2023

Why Did the Press Cover Up Trump's Meltdown?

Reclaiming Freedom as a Progressive Value

Stuff You Should Consume - April 30, 2023

Does the GOP Know How to Run Against Biden?

Why Dems Shouldn't Panic about Biden's Polls

Monday Q&A Thread

Stuff You Should Consume - April 23, 2023

The Fox Settlement is Bad News for MAGA

Stuff You Should Consume - April 17, 2023

Why Trump's Pudding Ad isn't as Dumb as it Seems

The Democrats' Dianne Feinstein Problem

Republicans are Losing the Culture War ...Badly

Elon Musk Declares War on Independent Writers

Stuff You Should Consume - April 6, 2023

Trump Loses (and Dems Win) Again

How to Talk about the Trump Indictment

Stuff You Should Consume - March 30, 2023

Tuesday Q&A Thread

DeSantis is Flopping, but Not for the Reason You Think

The GOP is Setting a TikTok Trap

The Politics of Trump's Pending Arrest

Stuff You Should Consume - March 18, 2023

The GOP's Woke Capitalism BS Explained

Tuesday Q&A Thread

Is Joe Biden Really Tacking to the Center?

Stuff You Should Consume - March 11, 2023

How to Fight a Vulnerable Fox News

The Press is Already Fumbling the 2024 Election

How to Use a Diminished Twitter in the Elon Era

Monday Q&A Thread

Biden's Populist Re-Elect Starts with Junk Fees

Stuff You Should Consume - Febuary 24, 2022

How Ron DeSantis Failed the Ukraine Test

Extremism vs Electability in the GOP Primary

Trump has a Plan to Beat DeSantis (Seriously)

Biden was Right to Skip Fox's Super Bowl Interview

Friday Q&A Thread

Biden's Blue Collar Blueprint to Win Reelection

Chinese Balloons, the Debt Ceiling and Biden's Big Speech

Stuff You Should Consume - February 5, 2023

Biden's Classified Docs: Much Ado About Nothing?

Why Joe Biden is Correct About the Debt Ceiling

Stuff You Should Consume - Jan. 27, 2023

The GOP Grabs the Third Rail(s) of American Politics

2024: Biden vs. Trump vs. Biden vs. Not Trump

Friday Q&A Thread

How the GOP Already Fumbled the Biden Investigations

Stuff You Should Consume - Jan 15, 2023

The Bad Faith GOP, the Both-Sides Press, and the Biden Documents

Is Trump Toast or is He Still the GOP Frontrunner?

Monday Q&A Thread

The Dangerous Weakness of Speaker McCarthy

Why Kevin McCarthy was Doomed to Fail